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About Big A Solutions

About Us

Business of Integrated and Global Applications (i.e.) Big A Solutions is an Application Development & Digital Marketing Company that offers a wide range of IT Services to a diverse range of clients all over the world, since 2015.

We focus on meeting the technological requirements of all types of enterprises in order for them to be profitable. We passionately think that technology brings people together, and we use it in our business as well.

  • We have a power-packed team in place to better assist you in all areas.
  • Clients can complete any technological requirements you may have here.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We always strive to provide our clients with solutions that are based on research and have a particular purpose or goal.
Process of Big A Solutions

Our Process



To deliver the World-class solutions in the Global market as a IT services provider that is Innovative, User-friendly and Profitable.



To accelerate our clients' business growth through Creative design, Development, and to Deliver Market-defining High-quality solutions.



To perform with the utmost care to deliver the services to our clients on time.

How we work?

Big A Solutions develop the applications to give a solution to make the business process easier by focusing on the markets. We place a high priority on our clients, We work together with our clients to learn what they want to achieve, their business challenges, and then combine it with our knowledge and excitement to produce quick, desirable results.

Knowing the market is the key for any modern-day business and Understanding the market is vital for any modern organisation. With varying consumer preferences and market condition and dynamic technology, we strive to provide research-based results.

Why Choose Us?

Think Big. Do Big.

Dynamic team

We have a team of young and energetic minds. They always provide results exceeding expectations.


All the levels and stages of projects will be documented to maintain efficient business to customer relationship

Person - Product (P2P) Support

Our team will be consistently in touch with our customers throughout the project and we make sure to provide our services even after.

First class service

We don’t compromise on providing end to end valuable services to profit & non-profit organization.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Customer’s data, requirements and trade secrets will be undercompany’s privacy compliance policy.

12*6 Proper Communication

We provide the best response for your queries regarding the product. We never miss your valuable call.

On time delivery

We maintain accuracy on the delivery of projects on given date , unavoidable delays are very rare in our organization.

360° total security

We provide highly secured cloud computing services which gives assurance to customers confidential data’ and prevent potential data loss

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