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About Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a software that securely processes payments. Its goal is to encrypt data, streamline the checkout process, and improve the customer experience. Payment gateway usually facilitates a variety of payment methods, integrates with E-Commerce platforms, and manages multiple payment systems. Also, it can connect to ERP, tax management, and accounting software.

In many cases, payment processors offer gateway services. This makes it easy to manage payments and creates a great customer experience. Payment gateways provide value added functionality to simplify your sales and enhance the real-time customer experience. Payment gateway enables the features and makes online shopping as easy as possible. On your own e-commerce websites, Your customers can typically add things directly to their shopping carts, save bundles, and add items to their favourites. Users may easily create a profile and save their payment information securely, allowing for instantaneous transactions with a single click. Payment gateways frequently allow retailers to have complete control and intercept if any difficulties emerge. However, incorporating payment methods into your website can be a costly and time-consuming procedure.

Payment Gateways we're associated with

Payment gateways are the quickest way to accept all types of payments including Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, Netbanking and so on. This is a significantly faster procedure than manual processing, and you can usually start receiving payments within 24 hours of setting up your payment gateway.

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