Santa Cakes

About the Client

Santa Cakes, one of the most well-known and people's favorite cake shops in Madurai was established by Mrs. Veni Vijayakumar. She is a first-generation woman entrepreneur, and her cake shop is a fierce rival to other well-known cake shops in Madurai. Santa Cakes has the highest number of positive reviews on Google. In addition, the shop has a large fan base due to its delicious taste.

About Project

Mrs Veni Vijayakumar started her business as a retail shop, and then she worked with a company to design an e-commerce site to sell their cakes. She had a number of issues with inquiries from her consumers when booking orders after she launched the site. She was also dissatisfied with the product that was created. Then, She approached us to create a responsive and dynamic website for Santa Cakes. We were committed to design a dynamic e-commerce site. We launched the site in just three months, and Mrs Veni Vijayakumar is so satisfied with the outcome that we are now Santa Cakes' official technical partner.

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3 Java Script PHP