Selfie Coaching Centre

About the Client

When Mr Mohammed Kassim, Founder of Selfie Coaching Centre, began to share this idea with his friends, colleagues, and family in order to get feedback, everyone told him that parotta-making is nothing new and raised the question of how students come forward to learn such things. Catering schools also teach the same thing. Kassim began to consider this issue and examined market conditions. After extensive research, he began implementing the concept in 2018 with a Rs.10,000 budget in Koodal Nagar, Madurai. When he first began, only four students attended the courses. Now, Selfie Parotta Coaching Centre has 400 students, and all of our alumni are working in a variety of multi-star hotels for a good salary.

About Project

As an entrepreneur, Mr Kassim had a great idea that was so new that he began implementing it in the city of Madurai, which has a lot of opportunities for foodpreneurs and is also well known for Parotta. We joined as technical partners to manage all technical tasks associated with making the brand known throughout the city. As a first step, we designed and launched the official website for Selfie Coaching Centre in one month, which added value to the branding efforts. Mr Kassim's Selfie Coaching Center is now popular on all YouTube channels, and all media sources have broadcasted about his splendid idea of providing jobs. We are delighted to be the official technical partner of Selfie Coaching Centre.

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3 Java Script


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