Tour Bestie

About the Client

Mr. Mohammed Faizal, a first-generation businessman who excels at customer service, was employed as a Manager by a reputable online travel and hotel booking company. Prior to covid in 2019, he was unaware of starting a new one. The number of travel agencies abruptly decreased as Covid began to spread to other nations. Even when it began to spread in India, the majority of travel agencies found it difficult to sustain their business. One of them was his business. The majority of his co-workers were let go by the business. He intended to get ready for the additional income. He thought why he couldn't start his own travel booking business based on his knowledge of travel & booking systems and customer management. Tour Bestie is the solution. He planned to create an attractive website with clear packages and details after seeing our Quora activities. After enjoying a cup of tea one pleasant evening, we agreed to work with Tourbestie as a technical partner to manage their technical operations. Tourbestie has been a happy customer of ours since 2019.

About Project

When Mr. Mohammed Faizal approached to design the website, it was difficult to coordinate the data of source and destination to set up the packages. The entire website was designed as a customized one, with the goal of increasing conversions. We include an inquiry form on all packages so that visitors can receive responses to their package inquiries. Mr. Faizal gave numerous inputs from his imagined output, and we made it as real as he expected. Sliders on each page improved the website's appearance. He was very delighted with the outcome, and he is still one of our satisfied customers. We are privileged to work with him as a Technical Partner for

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3Java Script