About the Client

The Central Excise Officers are known for their will, drive and zeal for tax collection. But paradoxically, in 1995, a team of Central Excise Officers of Southern Tamilnadu led by a great visionary Mr. M.Raja Climax, then an Inspector of Central Excise, who had a great vision and mission for the noble cause of education founded a Society viz CEOA Educational Society and raised the curtain for a new school named “CEOA Matriculation school “ in Madurai, the great city of Pandiyas, with a humble strength of just 43 students in a rented building in Mahatma Gandhinagar, Madurai. By the year 2000-01, the School had attracted a massive strength of students to justify branching itself into two- one at Kosakulam and the other at Officers Town, both functioning in owned spacious buildings. In both the campuses, the school has now grown like a banyan tree, providing educational shelter to more than 6500 students, 275 teachers and 200 non-teaching staff.

About Project

CEOA a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing quality education and fostering the growth and development of students expressed their desire for a comprehensive online solution that showcases the school's infrastructure, curriculum, faculty, and extracurricular activities in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. We worked closely with the school's administration to understand their unique identity and develop a website that reflects their ethos. As a result we have created a website that offers a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to navigate through various sections to explore the school's academic programs, facilities, achievements, and extracurricular offerings. Responsive design elements have been incorporated to ensure accessibility across devices, making it convenient for parents and students to access information on-the-go.

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3 Java Script PHP