SUS Engineerings

About the Client

SUS have 40+ years of experience in the Airconditioning & Electricalindustry service and Installation. We are expertise in Installation, Maintenance of all kind of Air-condition & Electrical panels, Equipment's for both commercial and residential units. We believe in providing you with the highest quality installation service in order to meet your cooling requirements.

About Project

SUS Engineerings, a leading provider of air conditioning and electrical services and installations based in Singapore. Recognizes the importance of a strong online presence to attract and engage customers in the digital age, approached our team to create a website that accurately reflects their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Having assessed their current online presence and understanding their desire to stand out in a competitive market, we enthusiastically embraced the challenge of creating a website that aligns with their values and objectives. Our dedicated team of experts collaborated closely with them, leveraging our industry knowledge and technical proficiency which resulted in developing a dynamic and visually appealing website that captures the essence of their business.

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3 Java Script PHP