Suji Health Care

About the Client

Mr Murugesan, the founder of Suji Health Care, has met thousands of people who needed advice on available medical treatments as well as hospitals that specialised in specific treatments. He decided that I could provide all medical treatment information and availability as a service. All healthcare facilities offer the best treatments and employ some of the best doctors. He has personal experience running over 5000 camps. SHCL health assistance and medical referral consultant, based in Madurai, offers comprehensive healthcare services to domestic and international patients at India's top hospitals.

About Project

Suji Health Care is an emerging Telemedicine startup that began operations in 2017. When they first started, they had to build a website to feature their commitments, programmes, medical camps, and so on. Our company proudly committed to being the technical partner with Suji Health Care to take their operations global. We have been Suji Health Care's official technical partner for all of their technical operations since 2018.

Technology Used

HTML5 CSS3 Java Script